PurMop® EFB40 Disposable Cleanroom Mop

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The PurMop® EFB40 single-use mop with its innovative cleaning pile was developed for highest performance in cleanroom cleaning. The special polyester scrub stripes loosen even tough residues and contaminants during wiping which are then safely picked up by the microfiber stripes.

Application / Usage:
Recommended for cleaning and disinfection of non-sterile cleanroom areas

ISO: 5, 6, 7, 8


  • Disposable mop with pockets, 40 cm system
  • Highest cleaning ability due to multiple stripes of microfiber + brush
  • High area performance through multiple fluid absorbing inserts
  • Ideal for the removal of (disinfectant) residues
  • Easy handling and optimal gliding on all surfaces

Size: 40,0 x 12,5 cm (± 0,5 cm)
Weight: 52 g (± 10%)
​Color: white, greene bindung
Front material: 70 % Polyester Mikrofiber, 30 % Polyester scrub stripes
Backing material: 100 % Polyester nonwoven
Packing: 5 pieces / double bag, 20 bags / carton (case = 100 pieces)

Application : floor

Industry sectors: Pharma, Pharmacy, Medical, Laboratory, Mechanics, Electronics


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