BST UV Marker

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This Ultra Violet Marker Pen is ideal for marking machinery, tools and other items. The Ink is invisible to the naked eye, but is activated and brightly visible under UV light.

Pack Size: 10


The body & cap of our DetectaUV Ultra Violet Marker are moulded from high-density polyethylene, containing a non-toxic metal detectable additive. This compound can be detected by correctly calibrated in-line metal detection systems.

The DetectaUV features an acrylic bullet style nib, with alcohol based UV ink. This ink is invisible to the naked eye but is illuminated by ultraviolet light. Potential uses include the security marking machinery and other assets.

Kosher certified product – please see the Kosher certificate in the technical download tab above.

Detect, Reject, Protect!™.

Product Code ST1UV4000MBU
Pack Size 10
Weight (Kg) 0.0200
Food Contact FDA, EU

BRC Issue 8 global standard
Brand BST

Metal Detectable

A metal detectable product is made fully from detectable materials and has the potential to be detected on most industrial metal detection systems. These materials may be metallic or plastic/rubber with special ferromagnetic additives.

X-Ray Visible
An x-ray visible product is made fully from x-ray visible materials. These may be metallic or plastic/rubber with special high density additives.

Impact Resistant
An impact resistant product is made from a plastic or rubber that is designed not to shatter or snap. These materials make food production items safer and reduces the risk of that product / material becoming a foreign body contaminant.


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