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2.0 ERGO 320  is a compact, touchless cleanroom cleaning system trolley of the second generation with plastic buckets.


Cleanroom cleaning system troley 2.0 Ergo 320 is Ergonomic Cleaning System Troley with 3 buckets, which is touchless operation.

The special design allows the entire workflow (pick-up / fluid dosing / discarding) at the front of the trolley. The unique ERGO mop wetting unit guarantees reproducible, disinfectant-saving liquid dosing in just one step and can be adapted to different fluid requirements thanks to various mop  plates.

The new mop discarding mechanism ensures a touchless and safe discarding of used mops. The standard PurMop® accessories  include a mop handle holder on the side and a rear waste bag holder for PurMop® waste bags. 2.0 ERGO 320 has two additional plastic buckets, which can be used to store cleaning utensils.


  • 3 plastic buckets, each 18 liters (3x front)
  • 2 plastic additional buckets each 6 liters, with lid (4 colors available)
  • Mop wetting unit made of stainless steel with mop plate
  • Mop discarding mechanism made of stainless steel
  • Handle holder (side) and waste bag holder (rear)
  • Plaque for individual marking
  • Plastic castors (electrically conductive), two with brake
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Polished stainless steel surfaces

ISO :  7, 8

Our Cleanroom cleaning system troley used for floor, wall and ceilling application.

Size (LxWxH): 779 x 696 x 1047 mm
Weight: 16.92 kg

Industry Sectors: Pharma, Medical, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Mechanics, Electronics

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