PurMop® P40 Cleanroom Mop | Polyester Microfiber

The PurMop® P40 is proven and broadly applicable mop for an effective cleaning and disinfection of critical cleanrooms and GMP areas. It boasts a durable knitted polyester material with low particle emission which is compatible with common disinfectants and is designed for multiple use.

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  • Knitted polyester loops (medium length)
  • High fluid absorption thanks to special inserts
  • Good gliding properties and easy handling
  • Optimal for the daily disinfection of GMP areas

Size: 43,5 x 12,5 cm
Weight: 190 g
Color: white
Front material: 100 % Polyester microfiber, knitted polyester loops (medium length)
Backing material: 100 % Polyester, knitted fabric
Packing: 10 pieces / bag, 5 bags / carton (case = 50 pieces)


  • Color printing on the mops backing or pockets for identification
  • Attaching a barcode or RFID chip for electronic recording of mop and wash cycles
  • Optionally available with laundry service (depending on country)

Application: Floor

Industry sectors: Pharma, Pharmacy, Medical, Laboratory, Mechanics, Electronics

ISO: 6, 7, 8




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