PurMop® ML40 Cleanroom Mop

PurMop® ML40
Cleanroom Mop | Polyester Microfiber

The PurMop® ML40 is made of polyester microfiber yarn with closed micro loops and is optimal for cleaning and disinfection of cleanrooms. This allround mop convinces with its optimum performance and offers a high cleaning performance, great surface coverage and good sliding properties on all types of surfaces.


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Product Information

_ TwistLoop polyester microfiber yarn
_ High absorbency for higher coverage on all floors
_ High material volume for great cleaning performance
_ Folded edges for optimal cleaning of corners

Technical Data

Size: 44,5 x 13 cm
Weight: 130 g
Color: weiß
Front material:100 % Polyester
Backing material: 100 % Polyester, alle Kanten eingefasst
Packaging: 10 pieces/bag; 5 bags/carton (case = 50 pieces)

Application : Floor

Industry Sectors : Pharmacy, Pharma, Medical, Mechanics, Laboratory, Electronics

Compatible With : Pre Saturation, Wringer






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