PurGuard ™ SV800 Autoclavable Goggles

PurGuard® SV800 is is a autoclavable goggle for use in cleanrooms and sterile areas. The special ventilation design prevents fogging: direct ventilation at the top, indirect ventilation at the bottom. The wide fit allows for comfortable wearing over prescription glasses. The tested and certified PurGuard® goggles were developed for critical environments and offer optimal protection both for wearer and the environment.

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Product Information:

  • Very soft and comfortable frame material
  • Robust lens material, resistant to disinfectants
  • Direct ventilation at the top and indirect ventilation at the bottom
  • Adjustable silicon headband, latex-free
  • CE certified

ISO: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
GMP: A/B, C, D

Industry sectors: Pharma, Pharmacy, Medical, Laboratory, Mechanics, Electronics

Size: Unitary Size, individually adjustable headband
Weight: 94 g
Frame material | color: Thermoplastic rubber – grey
Lens material | color: Polycarbonate – clear
Headband material | color: Silicone – clear




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