Detectable UHMW-Pe Chopping Board

This high quality chopping board is manufactured from 10mm thick “ultra detect” 1000 grade  UHMW-PE.

Large 610mm x 460mm x 10mm

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The BST detectable chopping board is made from ‘Ultra Detect’ 1000 grade UHMW-Pe and is produced in Gentain Blue (RAL 5010). UHMW-Pe is approved for direct contact with food and is suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The material properties, with low abrasion, high wear resistance, good sliding properties, high bending and impact strength make it suitable for a number of applications, including industrial chopping boards and work surfaces.

The boards are available in two sizes, the large being 610mm x 460mm x 10mm and the small one is 300mm x 300mm x 10mm. They’re the ideal product to accompany BST’s range of professional catering knives with colour coded detectable plastic handles. The board has a high quality finish with rounded corners.

Product Code: PR1UC*
Pack Size: 1
Weight (Kg) : 2.800
Food Contact: FDA, EU
Brand: BST

Metal Detectable
A metal detectable product is made fully from detectable materials and has the potential to be detected on most industrial metal detection systems. These materials may be metallic or plastic/rubber with special ferromagnetic additives.

Product Advantages:

  • Detectable by conventional metal detection systems
  • High visible blue colour for easy visual identification
  • FDA & EU Food Contact Approved
  • Displays due diligence in the prevention of foreign body contamination
  • Raw material also available for bespoke applications
  • Ultra High Molecular Weight – Super strong, hard and impact resistant

Downloadable Technical Specification: Choping Board Technical Specification pdf file




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