BST Permanent Marker

This permanent marker is non toxic and with Sureflow ink, if the cap is left off, it will continue to write for several days. We also sell marker removal wipes.

Pack Size: 10

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The body & cap of our Detectamark Permanent Marker are moulded from high-density polyethylene, containing a non-toxic metal detectable additive. This compound can be detected by correctly calibrated in-line metal detection systems.

The Detectamark features Sureflow ink, meaning the pen will continue to write for several days, even if the cap is left off. This alcohol-based ink will permanently mark most surfaces, including wood, plastic, glass concrete and clean or printed metals.

Available in blue, black, red and green ink in bullet nib with a multi coloured pack also available. Blue and black ink are avalable in the fine tip nib.

Kosher certified product – please see the Kosher certificate in the technical download tab above.

Detect, Reject, Protect!™.




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