110mm Plastic Scraper Metal & X-Ray Detectable

110mm wide Polypropylene, dark blue only, hand scraper, 254mm long, with hanging hole. The plastic in this scraper is metal detectable and x-ray visible. The scraper is very good in normal use on smooth surfaces. For very stubborn, hard, stuck-on debris consider the stainless steel MSC22 or MSC3.

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Our economical alternative to Total MDX still ensures high risk components are traceable within the production process. Only the filaments are metal detectable and X-ray visible. Available in up to four colours to support HACCP and 5S compliance, these brushes feature polyester filaments which are robust and can withstand temperatures up to 134˚C. They are suitable for use in industrial dishwashers or sanitisers. All components are FDA/EU food contact approved.

Our metal and X-ray detectable tools are specifically developed to minimise the risk of foreign object contamination within the food manufacturing industry. Each component is both metal and X-ray detectable, including the backs, filaments and resin used in the brushware. The detectability of these products has been independently tested using calibrated machinery and is not affected by time, moisture, cleaning or abrasion.

Retention Method: Standard
Option / Size: Large – 110mm
Material: Polypropylene
Colour: Dark Blue
Length: 248mm
Width: 110mm
Height: 18mm
Min Usage Temperature: -18℃
Max Usage Temperature: 79℃Pack Size: 10
Packaging Composition: Plastic Bag/Card board Box
Country Of Origin: GB
Weight: 0.0850kg




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