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Food and beverage industries account for almost 24% of all manufacturing injuries according to EU OSHA. While
workplace safety and compliance is a high priority in the industry, food safety always comes first.

Industrial safety identification solutions, with low contamination risk, offer new opportunities to reduce workplace accidents and increase workplace safety, efficiency and compliance, while securing food safety.

In the food processing industry, safety hazards are around every corner. Whether it is slippery floors, chemical exposure, pinch points, wash-down or industrial machinery maintenance, safety challenges are a constant
presence. In fact, statistics from EU OSHA show that almost 24% of manufacturing injuries occur in food and
beverage industries.

When you consider the safety obstacles of a food processing environment, it’s clear that workplace visuals are essential. However, concerns for food safety within harsh wash-down environments prevent many food processors from properly identifying hazards on the processing floor.

Food safety is a top priority for food processors. When this goal is met with a harsh wash-down environment,
food industries are often forced to decide between maintaining a high level of food safety and implementing workplace safety, continuous improvement and compliance best practices.

With  signs, labels and tags, you no longer have to choose. They can confidently create a visual workplace for employees, while maintaining a strong food safety programme.

By offering best practice operating and maintenance procedures on a machine they were designed for,
companies can increase productivity and reduce waste. Directional labels, shelf identification, and other facility
identification can help implement a lean manufacturing environment, with benefits for workforce education.

Food safety is the number one issue facing food processors. Food recalls cost processors millions and a damaged brand reputation. Because food safety directly impacts public health, government agencies develop stringent regulations. To comply with these, food processors must develop protocols and ensure implementation on the processing floor.  This can be done with  labels.

Safety signs all ISO 7010 safety signs are available in safety products harsh wash-down resistant label materials to caution co-workers and inform them about mandatory personal protection equipment.

GHS/CLP labels
Companies in the European Union are required to identify and label all chemicals in the workplace in line with the
GHS/CLP regulations.

Pipe marking
Easily identify the contents of factory pipes with colour coded pipe markers to increase maintenance efficiency,
and warn employees, and first responders, about potential danger.

Floor marking
Reliable floor marking for low, medium and heavy traffic floors is available to separate traffic into safe walking
paths, and vehicle traffic lanes.

Visual tagging
Easily communicate and update safe or unsafe to use equipment and asset statuses after inspection.

Neutralise the flow of energy or supplies to any machine before maintenance starts, to avoid workplace accidents.

Spill control
Proactively and reactively prevent spills from spreading on the work floor, to avoid contamination and workplace
accidents like slips and falls.

The foundation of a safe and profitable food processing plant, is the safety measures and procedures implemented
in the workplace. Brady understands the need to maintain a clean, safe and visually instructive working environment, and so focuses on providing products that are designed specifically for this market. We Blessindo will assist companies in solving any facility’s top workplace safety issues to help reach quality, productivity, and most importantly, food safety goals.

Mark designated walkways with reliable floor marking tape to keep traffic flow safe and work areas clear
of clutter.

With our wash-down resistant signs and labels, you can put instructional and safety signage at the ‘point of
need’ to get your message noticed, ensuring the highest  quality of product is produced. Maximise operational and
employee safety by identifying potential hazards and critical control points. Identify pipe contents and flow direction.

Keep your workers safe and your facility in compliance with the right Lockout/Tagout products and machine- specific procedures for all your power sources. Also, be ready for any unexpected spills by keeping the right absorbents on hand for a quick clean-up.

Quality and research labs
Maintain data integrity and sample inventory accuracy by using labels that resist laboratory processes and stay
where you put them. Identify dangerous substances with a GHS/CLP label.

Raw material storage and warehousing Prevent cross-contamination by clearly marking your storage areas with highly visible and durable labels.  Packaging and bottling Reduce ‘on the job’ injuries and downtime by identifying
common safety hazards such as pinch points and slippery floors.

With safety identification solutions in place, food and beverage industries can reduce workplace accidents, increase safety, efficiency and compliance, and secure food safety. Even in production and harsh wash-down areas, solutions with low contamination risk can be implemented to help reach those goals.

We are Blessindo concern to provide   complete solutions that identify and protect people, products and places. We
help customers increase safety, security, productivity and performance, and supply high durable hygiene,  safety products for your food industries.

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